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All Sessions are recorded by a professional hypnotherapist from the UK and have a 90 day money back guarantee!
Self Esteem Hypnosis
Self Confidence Hypnosis
Quit Smoking Hypnosis
Hypnosis for Public Speaking
Overcoming Shyness Hypnosis
Overcoming Procrastination Hypnosis
Weight Loss Motivation Hypnosis
Healthy Eating Motivation Hypnosis
Exercise Motivation Hypnosis
Healthy Rest and Sleep Hypnosis
Alcohol Abuse Hypnosis
Controlling Your Anger with Hypnosis
Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis
Boost Your Assertiveness
Stop Blushing Hypnosis
Stop Premature Ejaculation Hypnosis
Instant Stress Relief Hypnosis
Deep Relaxation Hypnosis
Control Your Fears Hypnosis
Improve Your Golf with Hypnosis
Improve Your Martial Arts with Hypnosis

Try one of the professional 30 minute Self Hypnosis recordings. They cost less than 5 and have a 90 day money back guarantee!

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Welcome to This comprehensive directory of UK hypnosis resources and hypnotherapy practitioners will help you find a local practice. Please come back and leave a REVIEW of the practitioner to help others choose in the future.

If you have a practice or a website relating to hypnosis then please drop us an email. We will list your resource FREE of charge if you are in the UK. We want to make this the best UK hypnosis resource and the first stop to find a hypnotherapist.

Like Amazon has done with books, we are asking people to come back and review the practice they have visited. If you have genuine feedback from your past clients then you may post it against your own details.

The power of hypnosis

Hypnosis is now an accepted alternative therapy that is becoming mainstream. Hypnosis is an extremely powerful medium to achieve your goals. Hypnosis can give you incredible will power to stop smoking or motivation for exercise as well as incredible benefits in health through the reduction of stress. Hypnosis is probably THE best way to relax and de-stress. Try it, you'll come out of a deeply relaxing session feeling both refreshed and rejuvenated. 


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  Scotland (106)
  South (97)
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  West Midlands (142)
  Yorkshire (148)

Can self hypnosis help you?

Self Hypnosis is a wonderfully relaxed state that enables you to access the deep and powerful subconscious mind. It is a very pleasant experience and one that you will enjoy. You can listen to a pre-recorded hypnosis session in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Take a look at our sponsors to see if the hypnosis solution you are after is available. We've teamed up with who offer hypnosis downloads for many common requirements such as giving up smoking, losing weight, exercise motivation and many more. Each of the sessions are just $8.95 US dollars and are recorded by UK Hypnotherapist. You also have 90 days to evaluate the recorded self hypnosis session! If you are not completely satisfied you get a 100% refund of every penny paid!

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