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Performance Anxiety

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Confidence will make you perform well and we can give you confidence with great ease! Lose your performance anxiety simply by listening to our online hypnosis.

All our sessions are recorded by a professional British hypnotherapist.

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This download is aimed at all those that need to perform. It is one of those sessions that can be relevant to almost everyone, as we all perform every day in different ways. Whether it is taking to the stage for a small town theatre show, or whether it is inputting data into a spreadsheet day in day out in a busy city office. Either way it is a type of performing, and an environment where we are keen to be noticed for the performance that we undertake.

Do you find that making a presentation in the workplace sets your heart racing where you can see every pair of eyes are on you, or do you find you’re manically wiping your sweaty hands before a sports event where every movement is critical for success, or maybe you find that on stage your singing voice comes out as more of a mousey squeak than anything else? If you find you are often confronted with anything along these lines, this download will be perfect for you. It allows you to interpret the session and make it so that it is very personalised and relevant for you and the type of performance anxiety that you possess and wish to overcome. For example, if you have an anxiety issue when performing on stage, we allow you to explore this in the session and to add positive thoughts and suggestions to the anxiety.

A technique called ‘anchoring’ is what we use to engage you in opening up and exploring the positive thoughts and suggestions. We can do this with any worry or fear you may have, regardless of when or where you are performing. We anchor positive thoughts and emotions to your anxiety which allows you to make a rapid change in the way you think and feel about your chosen field of performance.

Do you feel like you are ready to tackle your performance anxiety? We had someone who wanted to propose to his wife but was simply too nervous to go ahead with the proposal. After listening to this session a couple of times, he finally did it. He built up the positive thoughts and dissipated the anxiety very rapidly; enabling him to build up the performance he wished to go ahead with for so long. We are glad to be able to say he is now happily married!

Why not kick things off by standing in front of a mirror and verbally setting yourself some goals. You can do this in your own home in your own room with the door closed and the lights off; you can do this in any way you feel comfortable. Gradually open up each of those factors to build your confidence. Start by opening the door when you verbally set yourself some goals, and work your way up to being in a different room of your house, in front of another person or people.

If you have any anxiety in terms of performance, this session is perfect for you. Listening to this session just a couple of times will change how you perceive your worries and give you the success you deserve. So prepare to say goodbye to that lump in your throat, the squeaky singing voice, the sweaty palms or the rapid heartbeat. It is time for you to open yourself up to positivity and suggestion, and to see the world without your performance anxiety holding you back.


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