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Our incredible low prices are a result of automation. If this process fails for any reason and you have paid us, and not received your download instructions then please contact us at: [email protected], please provide as much detail as possible to allow us to track your order and ensure you get the downloads you have ordered in the shortest possible time. All emails will be answered within 24 hours. Usually a lot faster.

We do not take telephone calls, or we would be constantly answering questions. At these incredible prices, if you have any questions... simply buy the session you are interested in and if you are not completely satisfied you can simply request a refund (within 90 days).

If you would like to write to us or return a refund request form then you can fax us:

United States

(801) 697-0845
(314) 237-7187

OUTSIDE the United States

+1 (801) 697-0845
+1 (314) 237-7187

You will need to add the international dialing code for the U.S.A which is "1". You will also need to prefix this with whatever code you need to dial overseas calls. Often this is "00".

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