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How Hypnosis Works

Firstly let us assure you that hypnosis is not dangerous or harmful in any way.

All our sessions are extremely relaxing and will leave you feeling very good. Some people remember everything that was said whilst in a hypnotic state, others can't recall the words that were used during the session. Both types of people still get the same fantastic results from the hypnosis session.

Hypnosis is a natural state for humans to enter into. We do it often, completely naturally. Sometimes when you find you were so focused on what you were doing that you didn't hear your name called, or if you drive a route regularly and when you arrive you think "I don't remember the journey!" - you drifted into "auto-pilot" a hypnotic - trance like state.

You are also in a hypnotic state twice a day, once just a few seconds before you go to sleep, and the same as you wake up. These times you occasionally JUMP in your semi-conscious state and your leg or arm will jolt. You are not awake, and yet not asleep. The PERFECT time to talk to your SUBCONSCIOUS mind and ask it nicely to help us in our daily lives.

You will find that you get immediate results from our hypnosis sessions, and leave them feeling deeply relaxed. You can listen to them as often as you like or feel is necessary.

The sessions are about 25-30 minutes long and begin by gently relaxing you into a gently hypnotic state. If you've never been hypnotised before you will be suprised at how much you enjoy the experience and how deeply relaxing it is. Often people say they have never felt so relaxed in their whole lives, as when they listen to one of our hypnosis sessions.

Download a session now, experience it, and you will not be disappointed. Remember, you can always get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied in any way.