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Stop Emotional Eating

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Emotional eating it all in the mind. Take control TODAY with our online hypnosis. It's easy to find the motivation to eat healthy meals, exercise and lose weight.

We all know that we should eat more healthily. However, sometimes we get trapped in all sorts of ideas and myths about food.

All our sessions are recorded by a professional British hypnotherapist.

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For some people eating is an emotional event, often tied to something that has happened in their past. You may not even realise what the event is, but for some reason, you eat because you need to, on an emotional level.

This hypnosis download session allows the listener to understand that eating food is OK, but only when you need to and not when you feel you have too because your emotions drive you to it.

During the session, we take you on a gentle and pleasant journey of relaxation and begin placing suggestions in your mind that stop the emotional attachment to food.

Along with this, we take you back to a time where food may have been an issue in your childhood or adult years and disassociates any event that was tied to eating.

We have had great feedback with this session from people who could really relate to their food intake and diet to emotional states. We believe that this session is an excellent way of managing food without the emotions attached.

You have made the decision to change. This change is about giving you the motivation to eat a healthy diet that does not relate to emotions.


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