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How to Stop Eating

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It's easy to find the motivation to eat smaller, healthy meals, exercise and lose weight with our online hypnosis.

We all know having a healthy diet is essential to well being and energy.

All our sessions are recorded by a professional British hypnotherapist.

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However, maintaining the ability to keep motivated to eat well can be difficult because many engage in binge eating and then return back to their diet.

The problem with dieting and then binge eating is that we fool the body into thinking that food is in abundance and then scarce. In turn the body does not know if it should burn fat supplies or store it. In most cases your body will want to store it, thus making the diet unsuccessful. On top of this, many people binge eat unhealthy foods and in turn this impacts on our energy levels which can cause tiredness and fatigue.

It is important to have a diet that is varied, allowing ourselves treats whilst we are doing so, means that it becomes much more manageable. However, when binge eating foods become a habit, then it will significantly impact on your health and lifestyle.

Eating the wrong foods or binge eating can have serious effects on the long term health of your body. Effects such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and joint problems are now commonplace amongst people who are overweight.

You have now made the decision to change. This change is about giving you the motivation to stop binge eating today.

Together, we are going work with your unconscious mind to give you the MOTIVATION and the will power to enhance your decision to stop binge eating and maintain a healthy diet to ensure your body knows that food is a consistent factor in your life.

Please remember that before changing your diet you should always consult your doctor.

As this is a hypnosis session the first part will be allowing your mind and body to go into a state that is receptive to suggestion.

This will allow your mind and body to relax and be open to changing your diet and stop binge eating NOW.


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