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How to be Lucky

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Do you ever find yourself muttering ‘just my luck’ under your breath? Do not worry; you are in the same boat as many other people.

All our sessions are recorded by a professional British hypnotherapist.

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Do you ever find yourself muttering ‘just my luck’ under your breath? Do not worry; you are in the same boat as many other people. Firstly I would like to congratulate you on taking a huge step towards making a big change in your life. For some, luck is all around them a majority of the time. For others, it can come in waves. And for the much less fortunate, luck comes around once in a blue moon.

Some people try and force luck upon themselves by responding to rituals or continuing with traditions to prevent the opportunity for changes to occur. Others try and get lucky by increasing their chances. For example with standard scratch cards, the more you buy the more likely you are to get lucky.

Knowing how to be lucky can be as mind boggling as one of Da Vinci’s masterpieces, but it can also be a simple mindset that is easily understood. This download will enable you to make your own luck and to grab hold of any opportunity for luck that comes your way. If someone asks you if you want to enter a competition with them for a bit of fun, go ahead and enter. Grab that opportunity and see what you come out with. Keeping a positive and passionate mind towards every decision you make can work wonders towards the outcomes. After all, if you didn’t enter the competition to begin with then you would have never known what could have been.

You can discover how to be lucky and how to grab the opportunities that may bring you luck. During the session you will experience a wonderful state of relaxation that will allow your subconscious mind to be open to changing the way your view your life and the opportunities that arise within it.

One of the other major factors in lucky people is that the more luck they have, the more they learn to expect luck. They generally achieve this because they have a positive mindset and are constantly seeking things that mean they could adopt a new wave of success and happiness. Expecting the outcome before it has even happened increases your confidence, motivation and performance and in turn means you are more likely to gain the outcome you desire.

Imagine you have got a meeting with your boss lined up for in 6 weeks time for a performance review. Now, with your new found knowledge of how to be lucky, imagine that in the performance review your boss surprises you with overwhelmingly good feedback and a nice big promotion. The confidence you gain from thinking positive thoughts and picturing the outcome means you are far more likely to get the end result you were after.

On the other hand, when things don’t quite go how you wanted them to, don’t get bogged down about it. Let the unfortunate result slip out of your mind, and then build yourself a new picture. Create a new goal to aim for, and go for it.


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