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How to Stop Being Jealous

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Jealousy can be so negative and consuming. It's easy to control with hypnosis. Take a look at our online hypnosis today.

All our sessions are recorded by a professional British hypnotherapist.

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Overcoming jealousy can be easier said than done! Whether it is a conscious word to others or a simple thought in the back of your mind, jealousy is something people struggle with on a daily basis. It may feel that some of these thoughts are not jealousy, but if we are honest with ourselves, they often are.

Everyone at some time thinks in a negative way. Negative emotions are part of the human make up. Some emotions can get us down if we focus on them too much.

There can be any number of reasons that make us focus on negative emotions such as jealousy, and they all stops us achieving our full potential for happiness.
What is jealousy? How can I overcome jealousy?

According to Webster, the word jealous means "resentful and envious, as of someone's success, achievements or advantages…" more often than not though, jealousy manifests itself in relationships.

Some people only look at the negatives and do not look at what is happening around them in a positive way. We want you to re-examine the way you think and allow you to view your world in way that is focussed and positive.

This download will make you feel more positive about yourself and less jealous of others thus giving you a great sense of well being and energy.

When you listen to this "overcome jealousy" session, you will be taken into a state of deep relaxation which you'll really enjoy and then the subconscious part of your mind will be given suggestions to help you move forward in life. A life without jealousy.


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